About 3 years ago i started using. A college has nagging me in a on going battle windows vs. linux :

"I you think linux is that good, why do you still use windows at home ??"

He was right - I was using windows XP at home on all the family PCs at home. Could I use linux instead ? That must be tested!

I came up with this list of demands:
- Look and feel should be the same as Window XP.
- It should be possible to make an automatic install in case of a computer crash. (Personal documents are kept on network drive)
- A debian like distro, because I allready have a Debian server running.

Finally I succeded by using Debian Wheezy with the Cinnamon desktop, which gives you the look and feel of windows XP/7. I must admit that i has not been without strugles and there are still things to be done.

I looked at the newest Debian 7 (Wheezy), which was in "developer" stage at that time. BUT it was with the newest Gnome 3 desktop enviroment - I just could not get used to it.
After that I looked at Linux Mint - Look and feel where perfect ! Unfortunally there were no way to make an automatic install, and it was a bit to Ubuntu-like to me.
They also had a LMDE, but still no automatic install. On the mint forum I read that the solution was to make and automatic install of Debian wheezy including the cinnamon desktop.
I tried and it worked!
Easy - but you will not get the recipe here !
What happened was that in the start of 2014 the cinnamon-package from Mint(LMDE) was "broken". Proberly because wheezy had been in the "stabel" stage for a while, and LMDE is based on the developer version of Debian.
My solution was to compile the cinnamon-package on linux Debian Wheezy. Read Installation to try it your self