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Watch tv on your computer with MeTV:
I bought a Terratec HTC usb tvtuner because I wanted to watch cabel-tv on my computer.

Here is what I did:
Install drivers like this. This is only needed if your TVtuner is missing a driver.
Open terminal as root:
$ apt-get install w-scan metv

Make sure you have closed all programs that uses the tvtuner.
Create scanfile(My country is DK - replace with your countrycode):
$ w_scan -fc -x -c DK >/usr/share/dvb/dvb-c/name-cabel-provider
Remove the first line in the scanfile (starting with QAM64...).

Start MeTV.
Choose "scan with initial scan file" and pick /usr/share/dvb/dvb-c/name-cabel-provider
Next (Now it scans)
Choose channels