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Quick program tour:
If you did everything right then the following programs should be installed.

Menu item "Office":
Libre office - Office package with writer, speadsheet, presentation ... more
Evolution - Mail and calendar
Document viewer(Evince) - View PDF, Postscript, djvu... more

Menu item "Graphics":
Gnu Image Manipulation Program(GIMP) - Edit pictures, images.... more

Menu item "Sound and Video":
AviDemux (GTk+) - Simple video editor/converter (Like VirtualDub).
Brasero - CD/DVD Burner.
Cheese - Webcam application.
Mediaplayer(Totem) - Default debian mediaplayer.
ogmrip - Backup your Video DVD's to a file.
SoundJuicer - CD to mp3.
VLC - Mediaplayer (Like the vindows version)
XBMC - Mediacenter (Like the vindows version) - only good dlna-client (VLC sucks)

Menu item "Internet":
IceWeasel (Firefox on linux) with flash and java. If you need Silverlight(Pipelight) !
Web - Build In Gnome Browser

Administration > Synaptic - Programmanager
System tools > System Monitor - View system health - start and stop processes
Settings > Hardware lister - View system Hardware.
Games > PlayOnLinux(and wine) - Install windows programs on your Linux - Dont be too exited - Not everything works.
ClamAv/ClamTK - Antivirus with GUI.

Shell programs:
MC - Midnight Commander - Like Norton commander. (Yes I am that old)
SSH-server - Enables you to connect and get a Shell on this machine - Make good passwords for your users and root!.
curl - Command line web tool - used in many scripts.
hplip - Easy install of HP Printers - Use $ man hplip.